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Preventing Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a viral illness transmitted by mosquitoes. It is found in tropical and subtropical regions around the world, and is a growing public health concern. If you live in an area where dengue is common, it's important to take steps to prevent infection.

Steps to Prevent Dengue Fever

  1. Use insect repellent: Use insect repellent on exposed skin and clothing. Repellents that contain DEET are the most effective.
  2. Wear protective clothing: Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants, especially during peak mosquito hours, which are typically dawn and dusk.
  3. Close windows and doors: Use screens on windows and doors to keep mosquitoes out. Repair any holes or tears in screens to ensure they are effective.
  4. Remove standing water: Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so it's important to eliminate any sources of standing water around your home, such as flower pots, bird baths, and clogged gutters.
  5. Sleep under a mosquito net: If you don't have screens on your windows or live in an area with a high number of mosquitoes, consider sleeping under a mosquito net.
  6. Get rid of garbage: Garbage attracts mosquitoes, so it's important to dispose of it properly and keep your living area clean.

By taking these steps, you can significantly reduce your risk of being infected with dengue fever. If you live in an area where dengue is common, it's also a good idea to keep an eye out for any outbreaks and take extra precautions during these times.